Walking Away


R2D2 is everywhere!!!

Duke the Newfie

This sounds fake


Check out are video basketball trick shots by hairypatch1


I like how Ty was holding the pretend flute wrong at the end...

Thunderbob 2000

Who else loved sing song

M- Man


Please could you do a theory on Scary Movie! 😁

One Of The Pickle Guys

Is this dude that tall in real life

Yeah No Fuck You

Is winter coming tho?

C Wicht

My favorite video in the history of youtube


Fail -_- thats not mw1, does mw1 take place on a beachhead with ww1 weapons?

Me too.😂


Like if Team Edge should play sharks and mentos


Spend a day in prison

Jude M


Karan Vora


Please for the love of god how did he land in water and not die

Maryus Mill


VectorVGC - UK National Champion

Monsters Inc had an A113. In the building there is a pillar with an A followed by a 13. You may think that A13 can't make sense, but If you have an A and a 13, you have A and One 13. :)

Go for the ball, it wing worth getting scolded

Bbyxeilish Edits

I had my period for 2 months the heavy days lasted for 11days and then it went light for a month and then it did the same thing for the next month god worst 2months of my life

Emily Puffer


hanife parmak


Wait my country is coming to this thingy its sooo close


I don't care what anybody says about valerian, I thought the movie was great. I wish you worse added the reference to taken which was one of his movies wherethe guy said "good luck".

Thomas Crouch

5:00 to 5:05 is the best

Balazs Galsi

@joe9013 This will not happen.... sorry bro

Orla Smith

Cory is bad atTrick Shots


Brandon Dishman

Sam love the show, what kind of knife are you using and where can it be purchased, thank you


Minecraft weebs The only way you get get laid is by Your Cat and the bag of Lays chips


1009...72k watched mate...learn the placings first ^^


Man I do not know how you find all of these! Great job an I love your videos! Oh btw what was that song called?

Geni FTZ

Video game stereotypes

Squirrel Train Choo Choo

Time flies.

Dreamy. Lyrics

So uh how did u get a phone if your poor?



Gabbie Martinez

DP ping pong trick shots 5!? How many did I not watch?

Finneus Bedford


Salty Sam

"My palms are sweaty"

Veronica Anna Haddad

I’ve never been so early in my life.


Very funny

Beep Beep

Missing scenes:

El Super Trayan Lesbianario

alguno noto el peluche del oso en la derecha en el minuto 4:56?

Ravioli Attack

I just wanted Master Kohga...

Alexx Super Gamer

I wish to help them some day

aaro uljanoff

More volleyball trick shots!!!! (Plz!!!!!!!)