Arbeitest Du Vollzeit und hast nur nach Feierabend die Gelegenheit, zu traden? Welche Rendite ist in diesem Fall möglich und welche Handelssysteme kommen für dich überhaupt in Frage? Alles dazu. im heutigen Video.► Meine Handelssignale - 100% gratis: Meine Facebook-Seite: Mein Youtube-Kanal "Erichsen - Geld und Gold":

DetachableSouls Roblox

That mug in the background reminds me of the cover of Dead Until Dark, by Charlaine Harris! xD



Emilia Catone

Congrats Garret


Man.....japenese people are so perverted and gay :I

Binitta George

It's definitely not your fault!!!!!!! You were 9...You wouldn't have known.....Your mother's in a better place and she loves you. She watching over you and your family every step of the way. My grandma died this year on New Years Day and that's what I tell myself when I think about her...My brother was born on the day your mother died, October 18, 2011.

TTKloessoe Bitch

“Such a beautiful creature”

Yeontan Sonyeondan


Breakfast Burrito Beast

I guys are cool I can't even make a basket

Wolfi Hehe

Ahhh XD

Fadumo Farah

fuck you

Austin Calahaisn

wh8s the teens

Darius Simmons

Sae dude who said Lebron is light years ahead of everyone jus a couple months ago


Do another battle Royale and could u FILM wid a marvel character

Anjali Rajgor

Coby u r the best ♥♥♡♡

Thomas Sandoval

Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz show the pandas REAL face


Blake Bones

At 1:00 he looks at a troll face.

Juli Gaitan

This is the perfect video for the new year's hangover... Always love the "chill" edition. Great work as always!! Love from Spain

Just A Guy Trying Things

And 100th

Tyler Smith

Are they in store


I need a ps4 I'm poor


Black Ops 2 zombies storyline was perfect. Too bad it ended up getting screwed up because people wanted more.

Justin Ligma



Who cares how many shots it took? They make entertaining videos and have a shit load of fun doing it - doesn't get much better.

one tome plz

Me and my friend got a 4K and we on ps wich means it look good af my other friend has an Xbox and he like this look good no it shit then he got a ps and he like bro this look like a 100 times better than Xbox and this is on a 720p screen I can’t wait till I get a 4K he has not seen a 4K tv he seen the 4K monitor my friend got on his ps but he has not seen anything except slime rancher so he ain’t really seen 4K I can’t wait form him to get a 4K

Keelan Jackson


No Name

We get the keys or something like that you are going I have robux and I will get back to you by the end of this week 2


white team all the way

Robbie Taylor

Well that was crap

Bevan Smith

Ah, red, white and blue, the colours of Great Britain.


haha broken match at :06. i see you trying to fake it

Miazono Rize

3:48 I read it "The rapist" instead of therapist


its dadric


all games made by kojima were able to be erased

Franco Linares

and thats kids how blanka was born