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Colby Hays

The field goal post to the other is fake. Nice try dp

John Moore

This song got me in my feelings! I got to go work out!

Joseph Kelley

Tony's not user-friendly - i.e. not the joking, affable, quote-machine that maybe Conor is. Way over town, that digs on me - Jamie Fox

Kapriece Coffel

I died when Grayson was reading his essays, like he is kinda smart tbh


I like the cespedes

Jacob Miller

You guys gotta do school stereotypes

Khawla Khawla


i am always with team cody

if you're sitting with somebody and forget their name, just ask them how you spell it. 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑


DP=Dr.PepperDP=Dude Perfect

098iuhjklmnbvcxzufxhioo90 Qudratullah

My giraffe went to Jupiter

Christine Gay Reales-Aban

In the Philippines we didn't watch Yuri on Ice what the hell

Vishal Chaudhary

Why is the floor lava?

PROTO gamez

At 8:47 Nate sounds like pewdiepie

Anang Luthfi

2019? Like

Me: ...Explaaainn???...

Njongo Makamba

Wow that like fucking mean


THE leaner dunk

Harsh Gada

Love for Coby from INDIA

nigel obach


Men bitch, moan and whine about being objectified by women for money, right? Well I don't agree with that either, but take that pain and multiply it by 10 and that's closer to what women feel when men treat them this way. It hurts. And implying or trying to say it was the "woman's choice" is bullshit, because no woman with a healthy mind with ever want that.

Hetal Shah

How can the watch not win!!


Man and in America Kids cant wait to get OUT of school we take so much for granted this is why I’m home schooled I love it and we need to make it so that Kids want to go to school In America I love the courage she has to stand up and tell her mom she wants to go to school

Is it possible to learn this power?


Wxnder x

This is so me... except I’m not invited to parties xD

Fernanda Lampugnani


Syd Lang

( 6:15 ) And I oop lol btw no hate I love the Ace Family

Edwardo Franco

i love the "battlefield friends" easter egg XD


Omg a B ?!?!? OH THE HORROR


Who needs these drawing skills because it’s amazing

Jackson Ross

Panda is the last cats name

Chris Blue

I got a bit teary in the end :(

Chewy xd

There was no fanaly


i guess they never miss, huh?

Ivy Campbell

I hope I can be a good mom one day.....


What was the point of that title?? Like she is your mother so why say my STEP mother is my REAL mother??

aliamen sarigala

nice video

Vortex Sam95

Ah no here we go again


nice vid

Lukas Philipp

Früher alles selber gebaut heute alles gekauf

Jack Liu

Nice tricks


I'd also like to add that World of Warcraft's Archaeology Trainer is named 'Harrison Jones', referencing both the actor 'Harrison Ford' and his character 'Indiana Jones'.