Weekly Trend 1 Hour Pullback Trading Strategy

- As promised, in this video I go over the way a trader can trade the weekly engulfing method for trend direction without risking the massive amount of pips of say trading the weekly chart directly. Method involves identifying a potential signal for a trend direction on the weekly chart and then dropping down to a lower time frame such as 4 hour and 1 hour to buy or sell on pull backs in the direction of the weekly chart signal bias.Method is extremely effective as it looks at signal biases from the Weekly Chart.Be advised, this is a trend based trading strategy and like all strategies, they do not work all the time.. Video Disclaimer - Forex is risky, so trade at your own risk.By Watching this video and clicking the play button it means also that you agree to the disclaimer at the website here -

Omega TheMann

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Raji Prabha

Please do a nerf war

Mr. JustAGuyWithALightsaber

What the hell man, most of these aren't even references or Easter eggs. They're just normal things in the game that happen to be similar to something from the movie. That isn't Owen or Beru's corpse, it's just any old corpse, which you'd expect to find in a burning village.

Chloe Callarman

Every person watching this is a kid just wishing with all their hearts their parents could watch this. I’m in 6th grade. And I’ve already been through some crap that no kid should go through. Sometimes I think things are getting better, then another bullet train comes along and runs me over. People may assume that middle schoolers have normal lives. Boy are they wrong. I’ve cut myself before and had some suicidal thoughts. I’ve never attempted suicide but I have considered it. Life is hard and unfair. You can’t always make it out in one piece. You might struggle and fall. You may have felt like you don’t belong in this world. You may have considered suicide like me. You may be broken-hearted and weak. You may have fallen and felt like you can’t get up. You may have seen only darkness and have given up on the light. You may be broken, bruised, Weak, a failure, suicidal, and a mistake. This is how I feel every day.......But I’ve made it this far. The person who falls down and gets back up is so much stronger than the one who never fell. You may have failed and felt like you can’t get up. But you are here. Right now you have pushed through and told yourself it wasn’t time to go yet. If you have, you are the bravest person I have ever known. You will one day be free from the pain, the right way. You are forever strong.

CN Hutchins

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Max B

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I hope they get to know their brother Tarzan !

Sam Gough


Silverstorm 3010

well arguing is one way siblings bond. i mean doesnt anyone argue with their siblings? what are siblings for right? well you dont always argue until you hate each other(eventhough it does happen sometimes but that is just one part why having siblings is good)

Us Goverment: we about to end this whole mans career

ameneh Abbasi

that also happend to me but I don't know who I got away with it and I am 13

The Vlog Man

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Jabid Khan

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Megan Strobel

You should film on the Kansas River by the Topeka bridge.

So um what about the dying part?

Larry Kelly

Low ratings because it went political. Shame... and dumb.

Dominik Hodges

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Bob Jones


Mara Jacobson

He should go to the Texans. That's where he is now xD

Kookies with a cup tae

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Farhan Khan

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