What's a hedge fund?

There's a lot of confusion about what a hedge fund actually is these days. Here's a short and basic explainer. ► SUBSCRIBE to our channel -should add that's its not entirely correct to say that hedge funds are completely unregulated. They are subject to some rules, but they are much less regulated than most other investment types.#HedgeFunds #Economics101 #WhiteboardFOLLOW MARKETPLACE:Facebook - - -


Do red dead redemption


You should go to Japan! I think it would be a fun place to visit, and also a challenge as a lot of clothing in Japan is free size which caters much more to a slim frame


Do you remember me?

Scout Burke

I love Dude perfect

Leon Murray

It's called football not soccer


I'm not saying this is guru's fault but they only put 2 references in the entire game? that's kinda sad...

FireGuy Gamer



Not just old people get tumors my nephew got a tumor and he was in grade three but now he's all better and he's still a alive

Charlie’s TV

If this comment gets 1000 likes dp will get a new head quarters

hats off

42 millions views with a 42 million subscribers wow you got the pretty loyal viewers😂

Coco Loco

My mom has diabetes

Faran Mohammed

U better come to Miami swope in like 30 min!!!!

Reese Putaine

Now this is a reason to have depression, others dont understand this.

amardeep kaur

Or not

Clemnutz 07

+declan McCarey Dustin pedroia too

Sergio Bustamante

The shot of the Yo-Yo with the yellow happy face, when Nancy and Jonathan are setting up traps and pouring gasoline on the floor, reminded me of the yellow happy face sticker that warned the viewer that Eddie Quist or a werewolf was nearby in "The Howling".


Make a "Call of Juarez" episode :D

Jayda Brown

austin i really want to come but it’s not the prize or stuff it’s because i live in massachusetts (fall river) and the weekends my mom works from 7am-11pm so😭😩 but i will watch the video as soon as it comes out! ❤️ please notice this!

Thotty Ho

Trailer? “Vague”Trailer? “Confusing”People in the Comments? Will never be satisfiedHotel? Trivago Seriously y’all get mad at trailers for giving away the plot and then when they don’t give away the plot y’all is mad.

Olaide Akintola

Anyone that disliked this video is crazy

Jo Cao

This is so weird

Kevin Leach

Call of duty black ops 1, 2 or ghost please

William Mikayelyan

Cody my history teacher

Onered bone

Go Tyler

Cheese Is Yummy


Khairul Gaming

i dont know why im even watching this😅😏

Giulia Bonifazi

I'm super late, but...

Zachs trains hockey and kinnda nascars

it's raining basketballs

Rosanee Kunwar



There's also an Easter egg where you can spin the chairs


holy shit

Mister Valeska

Save it for the new consoles. This gen is dead after Modern Warfare

Toni Blue

What about adopting?


I think the Halo Wars 2 graphics and armour detail was good. They did not have to make cheifs armour that simple.

John Donald

does this work in black ops or black ops 2

Giorgi Babalashvili

singer is very cool

Антон Аксютенко

Создатели этого ролика также работали над Rainbow six siege? Пахнет наебаловом, я даже уверен что всё что покажут в геймплее порежут и ухудшат на релиз. Верить юбисофт нет смысла

"You can choose to fight your journey every step of the way or you can embrace it, recognizing each stumble or setback as a opportunity to strengthen your character, finesse your craft, and deepen your passion. Oh this journey can be beautiful if you allow yourself to enjoy the rain!"

AG Denton

Who here in 2019??? (Me in my head: wow they have changed so much)

ly sol

I wonder if this happens with native Americans as well because damn I have such a low tolerance for substances I take a beer and I'm fucked up for a couple of hours same thing with things like marijuana I just don't get it

Colleen King

I don’t really get the unspillable cup...

Me: i cant im busy

k0reyxKenshin Clementine

Is it coming to ps4

Pavan Man

Durant shuda not felt that pressure...ima raps fan respect to him

Just A Regular Person



2:10 U smart


0:29 I’m not hating I luv dp but u can see the signature in between Ty’s fingers

Leo W

Omg this story takes pleasure in misleading and wasting people time.

2. Where is everyone else? Ice then trapdoor ontop = super sprint glitch

sueann :/

Wow this is me.

Frity #gaming


It’s not the case for everyone, but it’s what’s happened in my own life.

Melissa Miller bro

Go to the bro and sister battle Melissa Miller