What does it take to be a Successful Day Trader?

Charlie Burton, trader and educator comments. What do need to have to succeed in day trading?What do need to have to succeed in intraday day trading?Do you make use of momentum trading techniques?We've been informed that you like to use swing trading and intraday trading techniques - which do you prefer?Yes, I can use either depending on the market opportunities that arise.Discipline is one of the biggest factors as a day trader.We are taught thru life that being wrong is bad but that's normal in trading!

Mr_x 1992

you missed the duke nukem easter egg in Blood (dark carnival level)

Manuel Ortiz

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Parker Johnson

Ping-pong stereotypes


can you do it on ipod


I love mario sunshine! And I love your videos!



My cat has made my life SO MUCH BETTER!

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ok is it me or is Joana much cuter?

Un Tipo Delgado

I thougth this was going about secrets as usual. But now I dont know if this is for the easter or for aprils fools, or both.

Aura Fox

Just a small bit of trivia I've noticed during my Psychology class, it's very likely that Stanley is named after Stanley Milgram, a psychologist who conducted a controversial yet extremely influential experiment about human obedience. In the Milgram Experiment, an authority figure would consistently tell a subject to shock a person in another room each time that person answered a question wrong, each shock getting increasingly stronger, with the authority figure claiming he will take full responsibility for any medical damage or casualties. The test was to see how far people were willing to go to obey an established authority figure. In a similar manner, The Stanley Parable is a game that focuses on decision making, with the narrator listing off commands and the player making the decision of whether or not to listen to the authority figure (the narrator).

Deimonte Guinn

it's weird seeing gen 1 and 2 pokemon with there semi realistic designs next to the newer pokemon that look like Disney jr characters

BradyBG 73

Cody looked so different back then!

Anime Chan

You think you period girls have it bad? You literally WON’T want to be me, want reasons? Let me list all my head injuries, 1. Falling when I was half asleep and my chin bled A LOT 2. Usually hitting my head on something while getting up (every year or less) 3. Hitting someone else on the head 4. A BEAT DOWN (I got punched in the ear and cried) you people are the lucky ones Probably around $600-$700 for their "elite and Pro" models.

Samina Rahman

For them world record is just like moving a finger


#11 on trending 💖


Been subbed since GuruKidHD when you just started this, breaks my heart to hear you might be leaving soon but life needs another chapter so I wish you luck on your new journey and want to thank you for constantly being there for me and other day one subs

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This is disgusting, come on. This is gross stop, please stop and you have a choice to be gay or bi. So stupid

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how to be billionaire


Being sane person in tumblr like

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alizahit yıldız

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Ammon Janey

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Clumsy Me



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Diego Soto


Madmanjoker 1

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m0nster o_0

do u have any siblings

FrEaKiN Smile

Why do I feel like they're exactly as "ACTUALLY HAPPENED" I don't like "ACTUALLY HAPPENED" because their stories are fake

U.S government: slams table, * *STUPID NOT GONNA LET YOU GET THE CHANCE

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No one will understand how much I love Marbles


Cowboy - Yee-ha! I'm an idiot.

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Ricardo Martinez


prabhakaran peevee

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Is it a bad product or is it a bad sells pitch its because you blackmailed me.


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There should be “the kissers”


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My name is johnny :)

Kool Kid Kevin