What do you think about Romanians?

- for more videosmade this short movie on 29th November, 2012 in Oslo, Norway as a school project. Leave a comment about what YOU think about Romanians, thank

Faruk Tekin

John Wick :)


I love this guys channel, and does anyone else think he should do a face reveal?


HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

Scout Captian

What!? 2 years... Woow!

Empty child

“The pastis not what it seems” hmm maybe Tarzan is there brother


Why did you start doing easter eggs series?

Ethan Smith

ha jokes

InquisitorMaster's Biggest Fan

i went on cancer walks for my mom, she survived cancer

Tanvi C Kumar

How does one like this?

Jonah Belprez

The real questions are... is he perfect? Well no.... do they film these for 2 weeks? yes but the best one is........ WHO IS IN THE PANDA COSTUME?!?! X_X

estevan hernandez

Warrior fans are annoying asf

shiney x

I feel sorry for vikk...bless him 😢♥️🥰

Hung Nguyen

RKO from tyler

Charlie Anthony

#3:16 LOOOOL😁😁

Bxngz YT

2:23 sarcasm: no garret you went forwards

Bry xox

I guess im Paul (anxious)

thebrick battalion

Are we gonna ignore the fact she had a phone at 8 years old? I'm 11 nearly 12 but I don't have a phone that works

ian conner

23 bounces

Kp Carter

True detective is amazing. The second Season really threw me off tho

chill out

I told my parents and they said that everyone has depression and to get over it. They told me to grow thick skin and to grow up. Welp.

dingus butt

"Long and hard... 69" Her: Cause he's a girl.

Niki Smith


Gaming Elvio Racielio


Daryll Angelo

Well this was a boring trailer


Welp! romo lost his job!!

Lea Sturanovic

Im so sorry for your mom

another creative username

I haven't been more grateful for that me and my family are healthy in my life


Ethen Einspenner

Shitty game

Devon Edwards

No one:

Sneha Thapa

I'm exintrovert 😂lol

שגיא אלטרמן

do the evil within easter eggs


how did harry potter go down the hill?


So in theory you could pre sear your beef, grind it into groumd beef, and make the juiciest rare burger without fear of illness...?

Joey Volpe




Since I havE a rich family, my parents always say * YOUR LUCKY TO BE BORN IN THIS FAMILY! SOME PEOPLE DONT EVEN HAVE HOME. DONT MAKE AN EXCUSE WITH ME!* Then when I die everybody is like nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

if they abuse a child AND A DOG, Next one: YOUR NAME May I ask, do you make a living with something like this?/Is your job involved to editing?

Fue Her mom knows

Socially Awkward

the amount of guys ive fought. nice gurl

Tacio OB


LynnAnderson Gacha

Look! Everybody is beautiful! God made us to be beautiful. I’m gonna describe myself, Tall,curvy,black hair, and glasses. People pick on me too. But not that bad. They just said ‘Ugh,your so annoying’ ‘You should get skinny! Your pretty fat’ I know that’s mean but I don’t care about anybody’s mean thoughts. I love myself for who I am. You should too! 💝👱🏻‍♀️👍🏻👌🏻👐🏻


Friends. Friends Dude perfect :rules

Viktor Gustavsson

Huh is panda

harper lee

2:23 looks so wrong😂