What is Scalping in Forex & How do You Do It? 🤔

What is scalping in forex and how do you do it?PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE!You may be familiar with scalping and you may have seen people trading directly on the exchange with bids and offers at the same time and scalping the difference.However scalping today isabout speculating on short-term direction of that currency pair.We spot an opportunity and we're in aggressively and we're out very quickly whether we're right or wrong.The overall theme is that you're trading with a small edge and doing it consistently over time.The very best scalpers are going to be trading 10, 20, 30 or 50+ times a day and seeking small profits every time.What are the advantages/disadvantages of this trading style.The obvious drawback is the spread i.e. the cost to trade which is going to add up.But nowadays most brokers offer very tight spreads on major currency pairs so you can get away with it more.When volatility increases and the spread is tight, the spread cost becomes negligible.When volatility contracts the spread is still the same so the cost is more significant. Be warned.This is a hard way to trade; it is hard on your mindRelated VideoScalping the Forex Markets: Trading Strategy 👌


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