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Abdullah Abbasi


Coby, Cory, Cody, and Tyler: LOLOLOLOLOL

Kalen Brown

I want one to regent and hit them in the head

Hunter O`Brien

use the grappling gun from cool not cool to do trick shots

JJ Isboss

Why couldn't the toilet paper cross the road


You're the real reason I got into lofi hip-hop and easter eggs in the first place and for that I'll be forever grateful

Ida Gusti


This was the reason my parents got a divorce and I’m very happy they did.

Alex Huerta

Man if forest doesnt have his lazy eye in this game im not copping it lol

dino gamer

It's big

Andrea Barboza


Tang Alex


Erin Crawley


Aric Abramson

please bring back r6 patriots

Candy Explosion


Stefany Langs

she sound like jaiden animations

Si Bolang Craig

nice video and inspiring me

Ben Lau

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Matt Johnstone

Do you even game bruh?

Brooke Anderson

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My mom:get those damn phones honey


Sam, what do you think of the new chef at The Marine Room?

Chris Sawatzky

Just watched this again, and I tried it on my podcast, I still have no idea how garret mixed up 7/11 coffee with His chemex, they aren’t even close!

You’ve been struck by


why man why Dom please man why did he have to die...

Samir Gohil

Garret fall was very funny

Ekemini paul

Much love from Nigeria

Sarah Pollington

Best one out rn. Fr Fr

edit: i really feel sad for the kid, i just made a small joke to cheer me up

Bilal Ahmed

Tyler never goes first..🤔😅

quinn meaney

"texan stereotypes"


Make a hindi saying challenge on your channnel


Did anyone noticed that there was one simpson character as her teacher

Lil Vlogs

I’ve heard that phrase SO many times

Oona Bjerke-Clarke

This is why I just make sure I don't have ANY friends.

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Luke S

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Rene Lim

My parents would yell at me even though I did nothing wrong and critise me when I don't do something correct. I feel very pressured everyday plus I face bullying. That is how I fell into depression I still have depression but I fake a smile everytime I am around them. I am a failure and disgrace to my family. I am useless and deserves to die. I hate myself. I only live because of my parents and friends. My depression got worst this year because of PSLE :'( everyone has very high expectations of me.

Vince Carl Loren


Avery Haug

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Joshua Johnson

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