What I would do if I had to start over

receive quite a few questions every month from beginners who want to know how to get started in Forex. In this video, I document what I would do if I had to start from the very beginning.

I don't have one

Dashy DaveTV

The next episode will be in


good girl shades, so cute!

Fizzle HD

My birthdays the 24 of March swear to god

Ave vs Maddy

Let’s give the support she needs give a like


I knew you were doing a Last of us easter egg, i saw you playing on Playstation :)

Carter Gras

My b-day is March 24

Aaron Yang

all this is m0osyly music

Lia LpsTV

“How I became a gold digger,” Got me in my feels,

Amiir Austin

This bih really just said "its so warm"

Dylan Chester

I love how in the PAYDAY one your guy actually shouts "oh shit"


I hope they get to know their brother Tarzan !


That awkward moment when they're the Los Angeles Rams now...

Diji Fakeye

There will still be other trailers to add up to this I hope

Jacob Maples


монтекарло монтекарлович

Всадник говорит смешно и Варвара тупой как дятел

Guinea pig Vlogs

Don’t you just love the music at the start

Antonio Olvera Duarte

please do a bouncy ball trick shot video

T Cook

Omg Halle is so down to earth and loves to cuss.....I like hearing her talk real talk.....girl ya better sip some water I see that upper lip sweat and still look stunning 🥰🥰

Nathan Ryksen

Ok I gotta shower was a nice night out and we got to work out and we had the rye bread for a little over and a month so we got a new phone for the last week I got a good one on my phone so I’ll have it done in about an three hours or so then bye I wanna was a nice and good thing I got a nice big red and I gotta shower was so nice to have t I got the same phone number Roy was the ice pack I got a new one and I had a good Christmas and I had no one in the shower so I’m going to get to my dads house so I’ll bring it over to t

Kaneki Ghoul

I thought jappaneese voice actors


Well , I guess the dudes are not perfect after all

Unic Beauty

Ethan has a good formatted essay

Naman Shah

my score 56


Now this is a well made Youtube video.. A rare sight now'a days

Chief 37

2018 anyone?

Liz Leyshon


Unnecessary Jargon

Surely a collab between Kurzgesagt and vsauce😍

´´world not ending´´ references the film ´´ 2012´´

iqbal aladhanda

who 4m subs ??

Lucas gamer

Kevin de brune the best of world

idk tho

1:29 thats one of the soundtracks for the Dude Perfect 2 when you complete a level

Nah just kidding keep up the great work man!

(And no, therapy does not help. Medications do not help. The problem is me.)

MT Squad

I got 25 bounces

Automatic EEL

Who’s watching it again in 2019

Evie Limber



1:36 this wookie looks fucking bizarre

Spencer xoxo

We spend a lot of time together Maybe I should try harder

Anthony Martinez

More games with consequences


I didnt say it was fake calm down i said "IF" it is fake stop wasting peoples time with fake shit. I think its real!!!

BC Rail

I love all your videos btw I subbed