Why do most short-term traders lose money?

Dominic Frisby comments.The reason most short term traders lose money is because they do not manage their risk properly.They'll have a 2k grand account and they'll place a bet that risks half that amount in one bet.And on top of that most don't have a trading strategy.Do you scale into positions?Do you use stops?

King Endless



i may have just figured this out: after using google translate, cut and paste the russian words so they are in reverse order. When translated they give you the words in the above comment. Basically a bunch of letters. But, if you click on the "Did you mean" link, it will take you to real words: Black Video KGB. and if you type that on youtube you get a video that may have been the thoughts of the developers!

Ayu Nurullati

#15 Trending in indonesia

Kurtis Bounds

2:03 He is also there in Borderlands 2, and has a challenge associated with him.

Scott Andreo

Will we see a new Splinter Cell game?

greemreper0409 RBLX

You said duther when you hug your child its a boy.

iiSpaceIsLife ii

17!!! that must be your type then

Tony Delmonaco

Oof why he is 117

Zombies has shield on their head

Fandøm Trash

Maybe if this homophobe stanned Loona....

Benjamin Counter

Here for skies

A True Love Official

Quitting your vices is surely hard. However, if those vices are affecting your relationship, if you truly value it and that you genuinely love your significant other, that's enough reason for you to stop.


wow. Just wow. My mind has been changed, not just about zombies, not just Black Ops, but ALL of the ENTIRE call of duty franchise! Think about it! Zombies was always subtly connected to the main campaign, so what if the entire time, it was all just a game controlled by some kid!



Eunsoo Lee

pokemon meets zelda breath of the wild...

Nicole Bate

Everyone's happy cos it's their childhood.

Fin’s N Hen’s

Can you do more of these videos please👍👍👍👍

WorstKiter-chan Nof

If you feel ugly, look in the mirror and point out the things you don't like. Now imagine them being ugly. You will find out that even tho that model has smaller nose, that nose doesn't look good on you, because of your eyes that are perfect with your nose. You are yourself and your features are combined together so they make you and your beauty. As my favourite artist says, never compare your art to others, 'cause your style is different, so you will never be able to make the same art, 'cause your style defins you.


The player coach got me to like this vid cuz that’s me.

tldr: im not homophobic, im just homophobic. -this clown bitch in the video, 2019


It is dragon bone.

Tech Guy But... Why be so strict on your ONLY child?

Jackson Carta

you guys should do kickball steryotypes

Peter Ping

the no.1 is so lame.

Sebastian Michalis

My BFF is a guy and gay and ginger

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U met lebron and Durant!!!! U beasts

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What's a Dude Perfect come to El Paso in Newcastle

The Cheater(covers there chest)

Jason Rush

@FunWithGuru im kinda confused in easter egg 6 I pressed the first button then the second wont spawn

Grampa Swood

I should include as 10 the idleing players in tf2, and as nr. 1 the still alive in L4D(2) idk which 1


is the contest still up?

longus brongo

2:57 "the combination of the SSD and the Solid State Drive"

Ella es callaita

Victoria Hollister


big chungus

2:30 pennywise