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no one should draft him

Emma: I have neck sweat! You can’t touch my neck right now!

Balenciaga Lifestyle

I am going to tell you guys right now find a different doctor! That’s not the kind of doctor you want to go on this amazing journey with you! If through the video you can pick up on his vibes and demeanor that should tell you something! Only giving my opinion since your first time mommy and daddy! I mean well!!💕💕💕

Gilles E

And now they have their own Factory

Irene. Zanin

Damn you better do a yoga challenge together

Dennis Salvador


El crack xd

Like pa dude perfect ignora badabun😉😉😉😉😉

Sub to me for no reason At all

You came for the fail catch at 5:56

Mateusz Litwa

3:31 ahhh Polska moja ojczyzna

Clem Clam

I thought the gift would be a furry suit...

Kobeke Van Melkebeke


Nyshaia Carey

I ain't gonna lie I'm so used to seeing Asher on Andi Mack and was gonna get regret listening to this but I'm surprised and actually love this 🔥❤

jayson sarmiento



Ahh damn haven't got to the crop part yet screw the peeps

Lady Braybrooke

What country is that? Who dies from appendicitis in a place with modern medicine and why would you wait for a week.My appendix ruptured in just two days but went to ER and got it out. It's sad but like what??



Great Video as always. I really enjoy your easter egg videos and they are very well edited. :)

Jaccinda Legal247recovery

SAMUEL'S EXPERIENCE (His testimony) - Really? I have been in contact with a David ****man. Not sure it is the same person. All I know is that he mismanaged my account, yet keep telling me to make more deposits. I spent over $72,000 and got nothing in return. Happy to have reported him to LEGAL247RECOVERY. I care less about him. He is just wicked to have lied to me

Husky Playz

Me : Are You StupidDirecter : Yes WAIT I thought It Was That Yes Meme


Kim jong un

The Nighthawk40 YT

Do they release the fish back in the ocean

trevor albright

she was doing that on purpose lmao

To get her we stand. Together we pray

Lee Joy

The US really needs to chill like they're family's who struggled to survive like let them have a life

King of Bossness

#Yiayjob make 100% of your income

Joe M.

The NRA trying to lie in the ad at the beginning.