Why Most Investors Fail at Trading: Falling and Not Getting Back Up Again

Do you think you can actually teach people how to trade? Corvin Codirla, ex hedge fund manager comments. Corvin as an ex fund manager do you have a good track record?Why did you leave the hedge fund industry? Working in a hedge fund you could potentially earn millions – so why did you go into education? Yes and no.Yes, you can teach the fundamental principles and if you stick to it, it works out.No because its like teaching people how to setup a business - basic business principles like finding a product people want, the best place in terms of traffic - if its so simple why doesn't everyone setup business and make money?No, because there are kind of intricacies and its the same with trading.You can teach people the mechanics but at any point in time your emotions and mis-judgements come in.A lot of people who fail the first time don't get back up.

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