WOYM Ep23 Macro Slowdown & Defensive Plays

On this episode of What’s On Your Mind? #WOYM - ITPM Mentors Raj Malhotra & David Perlin have a laid back discussion on what they think matters right now in the financial markets when making trading and portfolio management decisions. Subscribe below to get notifications for future episodes. We will be releasing new episodes every two weeks. Enjoy the show!Episode 23 of What's On Your Mind? #WOYM Raj Malhotra & David Perlin filmed 30/05/2019, Uploaded 31/05/2019.Raj Malhotra 3 Month Trader Mentoring Program CLICK HEREPerlin 3 Month Trader Mentoring Program CLICK HERE Seminars and Conferences CLICK HEREOnline Educational Courses CLICK HERE

Luis Saldivar

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lmg perry

Your channel is very underrated, keep up the good work💪

Avi nerf lover Agarwal

A pool would be nice

Farhan Khan

Happy birthday

Prateek Aggarwal

Anyone watching in 2018??

Generic Lets Play Watcher And Stupendium Fanboy

3:00 Things like that i love, using internet videos as a Easter egg hunt


This seems so fake...


Good game

Henry Guehne

Nerd war


Oh shit she was just like me

Sloth Sloth

Huge fan of tyreke Evans


Headbob stormtrooper is still my favorite

Noah Gang

TEAM COBY!!!!!!!!!

Maxar productions

I didnt know about this side of Bijuu's story ;^;

Gacha Queen

You were the author of the Harry Potter series?!

Old Old

9/11 electric boogaloo

Seb Morreale

6:45  they see me rollin....

Pigeon Man

Do you mind doing any doom Easter eggs?


I will forever wonder when Jeffree is going to come out with a skincare collection that doesn’t have alcohol as a ingredient 🥺

Esketit Esketit

Toronto fans are garbage.


I think if you found one of these easter eggs by accident you'd think the game glitched out or something lol.

Sandu Fin

This made me cry for a moment.. and that haven't happend for a while from just a video.. so this was something

Zeljko Lukic

Aim bad boy :S xD .

Rhianna's World

1:50 okay so you couldn't recall a single bit of memory yet you can remember the whole story?! 😂

Matt Dana

rip old guy 1:08


Guys put a thumbs up if there a gangster



Craftytuna _

Can you go to New York

Jayce Smith

You're immune to all James Charles comments


Who is here before 34,7MIO views

Senpai Mars878

is it just me or did i see frank west name in the first easter egg


lynn loud

I didn’t get it until 5: 11 then I got it , I’m crying 😭

Donavie Ordonez


Teddie Munro


Slicing Scizor

Crucify him


tree leaping swisher?

Michelle Wilson

Ngl their backyard is a kids wonderland and tbh I wouldn’t even be mad about it if that happened to me 😂😂


Am I dumb or did I miss part 2 and 3?

Emily Nutting

low to high


I see you’re still keeping the editing clean.

Yunmaicetu Saho Saho

Ur right don't care how u look as long as u have ppl with u that'd the thing and thx fir helping me cuz I've suddenly started quitting eating so I'll just eat now thank u for ur help


yes bluexephos

Energy Blast

did someone jizz on car in your thumbnail

Max Bucci

Football stereotypes