‫اسباب خسارة الفوركس‬‎

dir="rtl"حلقة مقدمة لكم من المستشار والمحلل الاقتصادي محمد سلمانبعنوان : أسباب خسارة الفوركس


I wish the awesome death scenes were from Manhunt was in GTA V. But then again, it doesn't fit the tone.

Guardian Nshukwi

This is it...

Ras Alghul

You sliced it too thin

Peter smith

Can you do more bloopers!!!


Oh my god. The irony, it burns.

Freddie Piper




Divya Tripathi

When she said Tori I was like dude she is no where close to being funny


Joshua Campos

I respect the king over the clown, but no comeback after Wendy said her piece, queen beef

Fdl Mosa

Song name plz!

Kyle Yeager

I play dud

Evan Brawner

Its almost like no one but Tyler get to do the trick shots

Pink Kiwi

If I had a jasmin it would have been disintergrated

Cyril Chui

I saw garrett's thrown up in 3:16

Pavel Germanovich


Julian Berry

Guys, you need to come to Wigan, England. Visit the Wigan Warriors at the DW stadium and show us what you can do with a rugby ball.


Metal Detector Battle part 2?


ShAyNE ToPP YoU'Re mY FaVoRiTE PizZa PlAAaaaaAAAaaaaAcE!

slipknot dude11

do a mom edition


This video is amazing.

Danielle Perez

Me too. Watch the first one its awesome

Sir Panda

It's cool to look at Guinness World Record Book and then when you actually whatch them break the records it not that great

Preddy Shite

Guy: I refuse to let the terrorists win!!!

peace demon

8th comment XD


They really just don't get it do they? Nobody is going to care about how strong your console is if you only have 1 or 2 exclusives worth playing.

Jake unboxing legos!

What the atlantic craft

Juani Martin

One of the most beautifuls games i've ever played.

Bigboi Pigeon

Firt commend ?. english please

Zhanon Morales

Shhhhid. Talk about being CURSED! LOL

Victor Browne

@RandomPedestrian63 i just seen him in an interview on tv...he said it took over 70 shots!

The All Seeing Eye

I never cried when anybody from my family died.Does that make me a psychopath

cvete andreeva

This mom is so dum.

Varsha Chandramouli

How many times did it take to do the car pitch

Alexis Morales

Chief back, i'm trying not to cry


Not to be mean but the other guy voice is annoying thx he is not in here

Duck beak

could Elsa finally meet the X-men?

Shabana Barcelona gang

I was gonna cry to if a mother dies our life is a big nightmare

A3 Foolz

End vid name?

Hani Hanson


kell gadsden

press 8 if u want him to eat the ball

Kennedy Ann Muldoon

shio and satou?


this may sound like a terrible thing to say but, maybe, so that you may have a kid, you can adopt a child in need? i mean, if you would rather not then that’s fine but, it is always an option. you could be filling two holes in one go, for if they just needed someone to love them. you don’t have to agree with me, but i am suggesting this.




I can't follow what is happing. This is the most confusing video I have ever seen.

Nano Magenta

Damn! I hate those kind of therapist who doesn't really know how to listen😡 to their client


Cory Burns

Garrett: haha I can beat that

Robbie Walker

That last joke is as bad as LSP implicitly raping Finn. Bad... BAD Guru!

The twins were ‘France’…

Wade Gunderson

2000 shots later

Me: joins crying club

Just because I heard the word anime I'm liking your video.



Avery _3838

im the one that watches the video and has never touched a madden disc