XM.COM - 2017 - Million Dollar Forex World Championship - The Full Show

This video shows the full live stream video where our finalists competed to win first place. Live spectators joined us in the final show where our traders were able to battle it out in front of thousands of viewers all over the world.Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Please consider our Risk Disclosure: you would like your face removed from one of our videos please contact us at ( with the related video and the time frame.

Dancing Leaf

the first time i actually got tingles in watching asmr

andrew beltran

People cheering after KD re- injury, makes me want the warriors to win even more, Game 7 warriors champs!

nurul atila

Anthony face really looks like my crush. that's why i like him :)

because he is.slow


Sonic the hedgehog vs bowser

Alex Flores

at 7:57 those mannequins from left to right: Indiana Jones, Shredder, Sub-Zero, Donatello, and Raiden, cant believe you passed that one up


This should motivate everyone to stay in school fr

Artsy Brother

I loved the TLOU reference

Dj jx


Nahiara Montenegro

Sad que no está en español :'v

Willow and Picasso

Kylie honestly seems like an amazing mom😊


In this universe drake didn't exist so the curse hit the country and turned everyone into mushroom mutants


7 Ubisoft references and 1 My Little Pony Easter egg... Ubisoft was never that great when it came to easter eggs.

Florida Man

Yup that's me creepily me ODDLY ME.

I thought you had quit since none of your videos had been showing up in my feed... then just an hour ago I saw that you had still been active once I had come to your channel. It must've been a glitch... but you know, youtube is usually an asshole to smaller youtubers. I don't know how to fix the no video on my feed issue though..

Samuel Webb

??. ..

jerick rantael




Roweliza Nedia


Even in Gravity Falls, there is a wanted poster with a secret message saying "Rick was Here".


Wow I feel so bad for kids that live there

M.Rouge Bat

Love it

Alisher Hamitov

Разговаривайте по русскому


about the bank easter egg you could also recognize that the map is so similar to GO Bank from payday 2

Nihat Genç


KYL'OG Tomlinson

Straight outta SOUTH AFRICA!! The marathon continues stone holding it down for Tmc

Gordon Bisso


CalebP2507 3D

Can’t wait to see you in spider man far from home can’t wait

Julie Trash

My parents found out about my depression before I did.

Maximum Bass

you showed 3 of the worst content creators in your video, for that i'm out.

Kristoffer Craig

Lost it at the dancing zombies!

lorenzyty Illanes



so cool


What's your setup?

I feel that on a strong level

Alice Miller


Tara Jain


Sean Scudder

Asmr in video games please

radenayuathifah qurrotaaini

Disney never ceased to amaze me :’) ❤️❤️❤️

unknown 1100

Chicken pokes

ankit yadav best scene

Cory aur Cody same face


Do floorball trickshots

oki otav

#1 trending Indonesia

Ty: hE JuMpEd So HiGh

PS: A LOT of your viewers say your voice is ASMR... you are one lucky bastard :P

Lil Peep

I left my soccer team cuz i wanted to game =//

Squirtle Hvac

YouTube let’s make artist that raps about drugs famous.

Priti Singh